CONTACT ME e-mail: Please tell me if you have any special recipes - I might want to add a ‘guest’ page or two.  And do please comment on anything you see here.  Remember this is about making good recipes better.
So what is this Blog all about? After a meal with friends and family I sometimes get asked “Wow, this is great, can I have your recipe?” I go away with the noble intention of getting something back to them but more often than not, I don’t.  I have cooked a ton of good recipes but not one of my cookbooks, print outs or clippings are free of mark-ups, margin notes and sometimes major changes in ingredients or method. In the end, it is just too much bother to cross out all the modifications or put so many caveats on the original recipe that it no longer makes sense.  So to help me assuage my guilt at failing to fulfill recipe requests, my husband Kevin convinced me that a Blog might be the answer.  And with his help I am populating this Blog with good recipes made better.
Making good recipes better
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